1. The name of this TRUST - CEEC ANGLICAN SYNOD OF INDIA, and is hereinafter referred to as the CEEC (ANGLICAN).

  2. The registered office of the TRUST - CEEC ANGLICAL SYNOD is situated in SECUNDERABAD

  3. The objects for which the society is established are:

    1. To diffuse useful religious knowledge through modern means of mass communications, through the publication of books, magazines, bulletines, and to establish libraries where all these materials may be made available to members and the general public.

    2. To provide TRUST - CEEC ANGLICAL SYNOD among evangelical Christians as a means of unified action directed towards spiritual revival in the church, active evangelism and effective witness to and safeguard of the evangelical faith outlined in the CEEC (Anglican) statement of faith and to demonstrate the love of God in jesus Christ by engaging in relief, development and other charitable activities for the benefit of the people irrespective of caste and creed.

    3. To acquire hold or transfer property, movable and immovable, in furtherance of the aims and objects of the the CEEC (Anglican)

    4. To do all such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.

Rules and Regulations


In our relations with other Christian bodies we hold that the love of Christ and the Scriptural teaching of mutual submission constrains us:

  1. To respect the rights of other bodies in their occupation of territory, in the employment of workers, and the reception of church members;

  2. To engage in mutual consultations under dispute;and

  3. 3.To take no final action on a unilateral basis without the approval of the the CEEC (Anglican) negotiating committee, it being understood that there is the right of reference to the CEEC (Anglican) in full conference.



Ordinary, Participating, Supporting, and Sustaining with annual fees to be determined by the CEEC (Anglican)

  1. Membership may be granted to churches, missions, institutions, organizations, groups or individuals who subscribe to the statement of Faith, accept the rules and regulations, agree to abide by the provisions therein relation to Christian comity, and pay the annual fee.

  2. It is understood that membership shall not adversely affect other of affiliations which members may have.

  3. All new applications of Churches, Missions,or groups shall be considered by the Executive committee/ In the case of individuals each must be proposed by an active member of the Fellowship.

  4. Membership will be under four categories:


III. Meetings
  1. Normally, there shall be an Annual Conference of the CEEC (Anglican) called and arranged by the Executive Committee as early as possible after the close of the financial year.

  2. Other meeting may be arranged at the discretion of the said committee

  3. Only those members whose membership subscriptions are not outstanding shall be entitled to vote at such meetings.


IV. Executive Committee
  1. There shall be an Executive Committee of twelve elected members, together with ex-officio members.

  2. Five shall constitute a quorum.

  3. At the time of each annual conference the newly elected Executive Committee shall elect a Honorable Chairman and a Honorable Secretary for the sub committees and various departments of the CEEC (Anglican) from among its members for the ensuing year.

  4. When a member fails to attend two consecutive meetings, the Executive Committee ordinarily shall declare a vacancy.

  5. Vacancies occurring in the sub-committee shall be filled by the remaining members of that committee appointing suitable persons to completes the unexpired terms.

  6. The Executive Committee may appoint each Sub- Committees as necessary from time to time. The Executive Secretary of the Fellowship will be an ex-officio member for all committees and Sub Committees.


V. Election of Executive Committee
  1. From members shall be elected at the Annual Conference each year to be served for three years, and they shall be eligible for re-election for a second consecutive term, there shall be a lapse of three years before the members become eligible for election.

  2. The Executive Committee shall appoint two members(not of their own number but representing Churches and Missions) to act, with the Executive Secretary, as a nominating Committee. This Committee ( whose nominations will be final) shall present a panel of six names of active members at a plenary session of the Annual Conference. From these, four shall be selected.


VI. Secretariat
  1. There shall be an Executive Secretary, Associate Secretaries and a Treasurer, appointed by the Executive Committee, which shall determine their duties. These appointees shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee, but without voting powers.

  2. These appointments shall be for a maximum period, in the first instance , of five years to be reviewed at the end of the period for possible re appointment.

  3. The Secretaries and treasurer shall constitute a Secretariat with power to act in emergencies between the meetings of , and subject to review and confirmation by the Executive Committee.


VII. Auxillary Agencies

The objects of CEEC (Anglican), as set forth in the Memorandum of Association , shall be promoted by the formation, as may be necessary, of auxiliary agencies in direct constitutional relationship with the parent body. Such agencies shall act to fulfill the aims of the CEEC (Anglican) in relation to Christian literature, radio/television, evangelism, and other departments consonant with the terms of the memorandum.


VIII. Funds
  1. To carry out the objects of the CEEC (Anglican), funds will be raised in the following ways:

    1. Subscription of annual membership fees, from Ordinary, Participating, Supporting and Sustaining members;

    2. b. Donations; and

    3. Other collections as may be determined by the Executive Committee.

  2. The Executive Committee shall be responsible through the Treasurer to collect, control and spend the funds for the purpose and objects for which the Fellowship has been established.

  3. The accounts of the Fellowship shall be maintained by the Treasurer, who shall present an audited statement of the accounts to the Executive Committee at the Annual Conference.

  4. The financial year of the Fellowship shall be from October 1 st to September 30 th.


IX. Property
  1. All property of the CEEC (Anglican), movable and immovable, shall vest in the Executive Committee or in any Trust or Trustees as the executive Committee may direct, and all documents relating to or affecting the property of the CEEC (Anglican) or in the name of any Trust or Trustees as the Executive Committee may direct.

  2. In the event of dissolution of the CEEC (Anglican) if any property remains after the satisfaction of all it debts and liabilities, it shall not be divided among its members but shall be transferred to a similar organization according to the provisions of the Trust Act.


X. Amendments
  1. These Rules and Regulations may be amended by a general meeting of the CEEC (Anglican) provided that:

    1. In the case of the Statement of Faith, notice shall be given at Annual Conference for action at the next succeeding Annual conference.

    2. In other matters, the proposed amendments shall be circulated at least three months before the Annual Conference if necessary

    3. The Amendment proposal shall be considered accepted by a two- thirds majority vote of the active members of the CEEC (Anglican) present and voting in the Annual Conference.

  2. In case it becomes necessary to alter, extend or abridge the objects for which the CEEC (Anglican) has been established, the Executive Committee shall follow the procedure laid down in Section said in the Trust Act, provided that a two- third majority vote shall be necessary to support and confirm and amendment.